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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Human Rights

Hard word and all
United we will
A better world until
No one suffers
Rights will be respected
It doesn't matter your
Humans need
To be

Luís Ferreira and Jorge Araújo - 12th D

Humans cannot be abused
Use your voice to fight
Men and women have the same rights
Asia, Africa, America and Europe are not the same
No one can discriminate based on diferences
Rethink your beliefs
Increase equality
Give hope to those who are suffering
Humanity is all we need
To become a better person
Society thankful will be.

Bruna Silva anda Carla Silva - 12th D

Humans of all ages have the right to
Use health care
More than once in their lives
And shouldn't be
Neglected by everything like
Religion or politics
In which the power
Grows in favour of
Higher figures
That run the world in a
Social and economical way.

Beatriz Silva and Cristiano Santos - 12th C

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