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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

What is it like being a teenager nowadays?

Being a teenager nowadays is a little bit strange, difficult and different from what it was. The moment that we are changing from a child to a teenager is the hardest, because we start having our own ambitions, mostly we want to be free to do what we think that is correct.
As a teenager, I can say that I'm at the best age of my life, because I go to school everyday and meet my friends - yes, I like school, but I don't like classes. I can go out at night with my friends, and do lots of things with them, I don't have the obligation to pay a rent or a tax.
However, there are also negative aspects of being a teenager, like being easily influenced by a group or even by a person to do something wrong that may cause problems in our system or to our health.
I don't really know how it was to be a teenager in the past, but I think that the adolescence I'm living is better, easier and happier than the one that our parents, uncles or grandparents lived years ago.

José Pedro, 10th grade

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