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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Is friendship really important?

Friendship is the most important thing to teens. There are two types of friends. There are friends with whom we have polite chats and there are our best friends. A friend is defined as a person that you know well. You can trust them and you respect each other’s opinion. For me friends are like family and I know that I can trust them. I like to go out with my friends to have some fun. I also like to talk with them because I know that they like me the way I am. If I need help with something they will always be there for me and I’ll also be there when they need me. Friends should always be together and school is a good place to make some friends. However, a friend can influence us in bad ways so we must be careful.
When we have a friend we need to do everything we can to make him/her happy and this is the essence of friendship. Making our friends happy is like the moon at night. My goal is to make my friends laugh all the time. I just want to make them happy even when I am sad.
 I don’t need a lot of friends because I have the best friends I’ve ever wished and I am so happy with them! I can’t live without them!

(Elisabete, 10th grade)

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